Friday, July 18, 2014

Round 2 of the Figure 8 Drift Series on SpeedWeek This Sunday

Round 2 of the Hi-Tec Oils Figure 8 Drift Series held on June 6th will be aired this Sunday on SBS1 SpeedWeek at 2pm.
Check out all the Action as the DrifKid fights his way to the Podium.
Thrills Spills & Interview's

Thursday, July 17, 2014

2nd place for the DriftKid at Round 3 of Hi-Tec Oils Figure 8 series

Nick took his second podium finish of the Hi-Tec Oils Figure 8 Drift Series last Saturday Night at round 3 of the series.
The night started in typical Sydney overcast winter weather but luckily the rain stayed away for the most part.
It was a chilly night & the event staff did all they could to stay warm.
The spectators turned out in droves for the Night Party Atmosphere & those who braved the chilly weather went disappointed. All the Drivers put a great show & battled like it was the finals.
The Top 4 came down to Scott "Blaze Unit" Schembri, Nick "DriftKid" Coulson, James "Blaze Unit" Abbott & Beau "The Show" Yates.
Nick was to take on Scott Schembri One part of the "Blaze Unit" to see who would progress through to the finals.
Scott being the number 1 Qualifier lead first & Nick put on a magic chase sticking to Scott's door & really pushing hard around this tight track.
On the switch around Nick Pushed the VE SS Drift Ute to the limits & Managed to pull a small lead on Scott & the judges awarded the win to Nick. Now Time for the Finals against the other member of the Blaze Unit James Abbot.
(Check out the tyre off the rim)
This is where the Night got very interesting.
James lead first & Nick like always pushed hard up on his door emulating James's every move with such finesse in this behemoth of a Drift car.
On the Switch around Nick Gave it everything he & the car had, the first part of the course went exactly to plan but on the lead up to the last corner the left hand rear tyre popped off the bead giving Nick no control over the rear end sending him into the embankment.
Unfortunately this ended the Night for Nick placing him in 2nd for the night.

The VE SS Drift Ute Suffered some damage to all four corners of the suspension & some Panel damage as James had nowhere to go but into the back of the Ute.
Nick is still in 2nd place for the championship & with the points so close from 1st to 5th its anyone's series with 4 rounds to go.

Check out this Video of Nicks lead run where it all went wrong.
This will be one Round not to miss on the SBS1 TV Coverage coming soon.

Friday, July 11, 2014

This Saturday Night Live Stream Drifting

Don't forget if you cant make it to Sydney MotorSport Park this Saturday Night to watch the DriftKid take on some of Australia's best drifters you can tune into the live stream FREE. 
Live Stream starts at 6.30pm

Friday, July 4, 2014

Win Free Tickets to Round 3 of The Hi-Tec Oils Figure 8 Drift Series Saturday 12th July

We have 2 Free Tickets to Giveaway for Round 3 of The Hi-Tec Oils Figure 8 Drift Series held at Sydney MotorSport Park on Saturday the 12th of July.
The figure 8 track is made for close Door to Door Drifting & is always Action Packed.
The DriftKid currently sits in 2nd place for the championship & will be fighting hard to get the number 1 spot on Saturday Night.
For your chance to WIN the Free Tickets simply go to the DriftKid Facebook page & answer the questions to enter the competition. (Click the link top right of this page)
If you cant make it to Sydney MotorSport Park you can live stream the whole event on you phone or PC. Just head to

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Drift Challenge Australia Rd 1 Raleigh Raceway

Team XForce & Nick "DriftKid" Coulson head off to Raleigh International Raceway this Saturday & Sunday 28th & 29th of June for round 1 of Drift Challenge Australia.
Naoki Nakamura & Miki Yabuuchi from Team Burst in Japan are guest drivers along with a whole heap of Aussie talent from around Australia.

We have dusted off the Wide Body 32 Nissan Skyline that Nick first learnt to drift in at the age of 15.
The Achilles ATR Sports are mounted & ready to Blaze!!!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Nick & the Wide Body 32 Skyline make the Podium.

It was great to see Nick in the Skyline again after a year or so tucked away in the garage.
This was the car Nick learnt the art of Drifting in. She has seen a few different looks & engine packages over the years but its great to see the car can be as competitive today as she was when we first built it.
2009 when the Skyline was a road registered car & Nick was learning to Drift at our Local Drift Track Archerfield Drift.
2009 & its first race livery & Nick's very first competition.
2010 & the sponsors started to come on board.

2011 & the new Look ready for The Tectaloy International Drift Challenge at World Time Attack.
 2nd Round of the maiden series of Australian Drifting Grand Prix.
We entered the Ultimate Drift Showdown at our local track Archerfield Drift to give the Skyline a quick test before we enter her into a new Competition called Drift Challenge Australia.
The day started out a bit overcast & started to drizzle rain just as the Competition started.
We managed to get a few Dry Practise laps before the heavens opened up. The Achilles Radial 123s was great in the dry & out performed every other tyre in the wet. 
We had a few gremlins we had to sort out after the car had been sitting for so long & also had a half shaft break on us just before qualifying which put us to the test.
This was a Top 16 battle Round & Nick was to take on a new comer in Drift Harry Tarrant who put up a great fight with Nick going through on the slightest of margins.

Next was long time Drift Competitor Josh Boetcher for the top 8. 
By this stage the track was well & truly wet & it made for some great battles.
Nick took the win over Josh on his chase lap with some outstanding proximity.
Next up was Achilles Radial Team mate Rob Whyte in his SuperCharged 350z for the Top 4.

 Rob lead first & Nick jumped on his door from turn one & didn't let go. It was so close at times I'm sure there would have been some paint swapped but to Nicks credit he got as close as you can without touching.
On the switch around Rob gave every bit back to Nick sticking with him all the way but made an error coming out of the hairpin & not leaving enough room for Nick to transition back & contact was made forcing Rob to have a slight straighten awarding the win to Nick. 
 Finals time now against long time Drift Buddy Kris Klutke.
Nick Chased first & it was like they had a pivot between the cars as Nick placed the Skyline up the doors of Kris's car with expert precision. This was going to be a great finish to the night but unfortunately a niggling alternator problem surfaced on the second last corner causing Nick to straighten up behind Kris handing a huge advantage 7-3 Kris's way.

Nicks lead lap was nothing but perfection in these slippery conditions & Kris just wasn't able to keep up with Nick putting a descent gap between them but just not enough to even the score up with a 6-4 handing the win to Kris. 
2nd place for the day & a heap of fun at the track so fond to us.
Our next outing is Drift Challenge Australia at Raleigh Raceway near Coffs Harbour on June 28th & 29th. Check out for entrant & spectator details.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

2nd Place for Nick at round 2 of the Figure 8 Drift Series.

2nd Place for Nick "DriftKid" Coulson at the Hi-Tec Oils Pty Ltd Figure 8 Drift Competition on Friday Night at Sydney MotorSport Park.

Qualifying in 9th place meant that Nick would have to battle hard to get to the podium.

First battle was with Sydney Driver Alex Sciacca in the mental J powered RX8. Nick put on a great chase lap getting nice & close to the RX8 & on the switch around Alex knew he had to put down a good lap but had a spin trying to match the proximity & the win was awarded to Nick.

Top 8 battle was against top qualifier Camo Mote Drift. These two guys put on such a close set of battles it was amazing. Both Nick & Camo put on a show that the crowd loved, door to door action all the way. They couldn't pick a winner & a re-run was called & even then the judges couldn't split them & called for another re-run. Unfortunately for Camo his car suffered mechanical issues on the way back to the pits for a tyre change & had to forfeit the last run meaning Nick was through to the Top 4.

Top 4 was against Steven Prembry in the little AE86. Little car maybe but powered by a V6 Aurion Motor meant this car had some serious power to weight ratio. 
Nick lead first with a great run & left Steve struggling to gain proximity. On the switch around Nick got on Steven's door almost pushing the car around the track & didn't let go handing the win to Nick & now through to the Finals. 

 The Final was against Fernando Wiehrl. Fernando lead first & Nick stuck to his Door putting on a great show of car control & outstanding proximity. The switch around saw Nick do exactly what the judges wanted from the lead car & he threw it in big on the first corner getting the clipping point exactly where he should have & gaining massive angle while doing so (as pictured above). Fernando seemed to struggle to match Nicks entry with a shallow line & then a slight straighten before getting on the door of Nick for a great last section proximity chase.

Unfortunately the judges didn't see it the way we did & called for a re-run. We went to go change tyres as they were spent & we were advised that we couldn't change tyres after only 1 set of battles & had to do the re-run on what we had on the car. The regulations for this event don't state this in their race "regs" & we pointed that out but were told it was a unwritten rule that we had to adhere to. So out we went on tyres that were bald & had virtually no grip at all.

Certainly not the best runs in this last battle but Nick still put on a great show & only missed the number 1 spot by 1/2 a point. 

 The Hi-Tec Oils Figure 8 Drift Series is shaping up to be a fierce competition with some great coverage for everyone that cant make it to Sydney with the live stream proving very popular on

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Figure 8 Drift Series Live Streamed This Friday 6th June.

Round 2 of the Hi-Tec Oils Figure 8 Drift series is on this Friday Night at Sydney MotorSports Park.
Action starts at 5.30pm with plenty of  Door to Door Drifting from some of Australia's best Drifters & lots more off track entertainment.
Cant make it to the Track?
 Jump onto for all the Action Live Streamed right on your mobile or PC.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Free Tickets to Round 2 of The Figure 8 Drift Series

***************Competition Time*****************

Win 2 Free Tickets to Round 2 of the Hi-Tec Oils Pty Ltd Figure 8 Drift Series next Friday night at Sydney Motorsport Park.

This is going to be a wild night of Action on & off the track with some of the best Drifters in Australia battling it out while the Free Style Kings Motorcross Team put on a show of backflips & jumps & don't forget the Hi-Tec Oils Dancing Girls.

Simply go to the DriftKid Page on Facebook & answer the question, who are the 2 major sponsors of the Figure 8 Series? Entrys close Tuesday 3/6 at 8pm.

Get on it & share this event for an extra chance of winning

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Round 4 The Grand Final of ADGP 2014 on Vimeo & Youtube

If you missed all the action from the Grand Final of ADGP here are as few links to the full replay.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

PowerCruise's "PowerPlay" is on this Saturday at Queensland Raceway

Who's going to Powercruise Promotions PowerPlay this Saturday?

The DriftKid will be there putting on a show with the Achilles Radial Coloured Smoke Tyres.
      Check out the Hi-Torque Performance/Harrop Engineering SuperCharged VE SS Drift Ute
           The sounds this thing puts out are Amazing.
SuperCharger whine up front with the Harrop FDFI 2300 Blower & Tuff notes from the rear with the 3" Xforce Performance Exhaust.

How quick is the VE SS Drift Ute ? Line Nick up with what you got in the cruising sessions & see.
Come say Hi & as Gup would say "Catch ya Cruisin"

Friday, May 2, 2014

Grand Final on SBS SpeedWeek this Sunday 4th May at 2pm.

Catch all the Action of the Final Round of The Australian Drifting Grand Prix from the Thunderdome at Melbourne's Calder Park.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Grand Final Wrap up from Calder Park

The Grand Final Wrap up from Calder Park.........

Melbourne turned on its usual weather antics & we had all 4 season's in the one day with Practice on Saturday starting out dry & what looked to being a warm day ahead. Then showers half way through practice making it icy cold but luckily drying out for the Qualifying late on Saturday afternoon.
We thought Nick's qualifying was going to be a top 10 run but ended up in 13th for the battles on Sunday.

With no Track time practic...e for the new Harrop SuperCharger set up it was always going to be an unknown until Nick hit the track. First lap goes into limp mode & didn't even get to skid the tyres. Luckily the team found the small electrical issue & we had the car back on track blazing the Achilles Tyres. After a few laps Nick looked like he had the car tamed & when he came in after the first practice he was all smiles, the Harrop SuperCharger set up worked & worked great. The amount of torque was amazing & delivered instant power when Nick needed it most. A bonus was the combined sound of the Blower & the XForce Performance exhaust, the crowd loved it. It even gave us a chance to utilize all our adjustable Super Pro Suspension arms from Fulcrum to dial some grip into the set up. 

 Race Day..........
Melbourne really turned on the charm on Sunday with great weather & great crowds showing up to see who would be the crowned the 2014 Australian Drift Champion.

Top 32 Battle: Kelly Wong.
Nick lead the first lap & did a text book run but unfortunately for Kelly she went wide after entry & went off track giving Nick the advantage. On the chase lap Nick could have just hung back but Nick being Nick charged hard & gave the crowd what they wanted to see, door on door action. Nick takes the Win.

Top 16: Hayden Buckham.
This was always going to be a great battle of 2 really good drivers but also a battle of the VE Commodore Utes.
Hayden being the higher qualifier lead first & Nick put on a fantastic chase sticking to Hayden from entry to exit.
On the switch around, Nick pulled a gap on Hayden & didn't get the same proximity as Nick did. Nick takes the Win.

Top 8: Rob Whyte.
If Nick was to have a chance at winning the 2014 Championship he had to win this battle.
Rob lead first & knowing Nick was in the hunt for some points he gave it a fast aggressive Entry with Nick on his tail but Rob overshot the entry & went all 4 wheels off track. Nick kept to his line & passed Rob under full drift.
Nick's Lead lap wasn't going to be an easy one as Rob had to apply the pressure trying to force a mistake from Nick but of course that wasn't going to happen. Rob even gave Nick a little door rub on the last corner but it didn't faze the DriftKid.
Nick Takes the Win.

Top 4 Michael Prosenik & the championship deciding battle:
This was it, what all the hard work was for. This battle determined who the 2014 Champion was going to be. Nick had enough points in the series that he only had to finish this weekends battles in either 1st or 2nd to win the championship.
Michael lead & the first run was called a drag race as the cars were not close at the pace cones so the run was cancelled & they did it again. Both guys wanting the points gave it their all & Nick hooked onto the side of Michael's car getting great proximity & on the last hairpin corner Michael seemed to slow up & Nick made contact & went off line. This was going to be a tough call for the judges as Michael technically didn't loose Drift but he did slow mid corner & Nick had no where to go. He had 2 choices, pull out of the Drift & straighten or stay in it & hopefully push Michael across the finish line. The call was made that it was Nicks error & the win awarded to Michael to continue onto the Finals.

 Battle for 3rd & 4th Levi Clarke:
Again this was not only for the spot for the final round but also would determine who finished infront on the championship standings.
Nick lead first & put on a great run with Levi getting some good proximity. Then on the switch Nick stuck to Levi's door throughout the course with fantastic proximity which handed Nick the win for 3rd Place for the day. 

 This meant that Nick was only 6 points short in taking out the 2014 Championship & gave him the Runner up "2nd place" for 2014 Australian National Series.